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Established in 2021, Purpose Institute is the continuation of the "Press Into Purpose" six-month mentoring course.  This course has assisted several business owners to realize their dream.  PI has expanded from mentorship to courses that assists with overall growth and development.

Purpose Institute: Welcome


When Praise Meets Worship


Gain a deeper insight into the ministry of worship arts, study habits, as well as ministry leadership.  The emphasis of this program is to allow students a safe space to explore biblical expressions of worship, ministry development, and how to apply hermeneutics to biblical studies.   Thursdays 6:00 pm EST starting March 3, 2022

Deciphering Spiritual Gifts


Deciphering Spiritual Gifts takes a holistic approach to the gifts listed in Romans, 1 Corinthians, and Ephesians.  We are all endowed with gifts but not all possess the Ephesians 4 gifts.  Students will explore and identify which they have and increase their ability to discern those present in others.  Thursday 6pm EST, starting April 14, 2022.

Church History 101


We will begin our study of the history of the church with its inception through the Pre-reformation period, highlighting key events and people that have helped to shape our modern system. Tuesday 7:30pm EST Starting March 1, 2022

Theological Hermeneutics 101


Theological Hermeneutics introduces the fundamental categories of the theory of interpretation. Hermeneutics assists in understanding the intended meaning of scripture. Tuesdays 7 pm EST, starting April 5, 2022

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